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Episode 5 - Retirement Living

Recipe to Live Well

Whether you’ve worked hard all your life, raised a family, or both, you’ve no doubt put everyone else’s needs above your own. But now everything’s different. The kids have left home, new passions and interests have evolved and world events have made you realise more than ever the importance of living well.

There is an undeniable connection between ageing and happiness – and a meaningful retirement plays an important part in that.

With less time spent on home maintenance, cleaning and gardening the right sized home can truly deliver less stress and more time for the things you love - new hobbies, nurtured interests and friendships that deliver an abundance of value above mere bricks and mortar.

The Retirement Living offers over 55’s an opportunity to live in an age-friendly environment while still enjoying and retaining their independence. Retirement communities can offer a range of benefits:

  • Increased social activity

  • Safety and security

  • Being surrounded by peers

  • Being in an environment that promotes physical activity and wellness

  • Additional services, facilities and amenity.

Many people move to Retirement communities in response to a major life event. However, encouraging people to plan their retirement early, just like they would a career or family – is important. Asking yourself this question: how would you like to spend those years in life?

Retirement living offers a vibrant community where residents enjoy shared interests and friendships that combine the perfect ingredient to living well. If you have more specific questions about what it all means check out this useful resource A wise move -


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