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Episode 11 - Vertigo

What is vertigo?

- A symptom, rather than diagnosis.

- A false sense of movement/motion – typically a spinning sense

What is dizziness?

- A sense of unsteadiness/giddiness/imbalance/disorientation/disequilibrium

Cause of vertigo

o Central = typically brain related

o Peripheral = outside the brain – typically the inner ear/vestibular system

Risk factors

- Age

- Females are 2x more likely to suffer from a vestibular condition Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

- Sometimes referred to as ‘crystals’

- Caused by otoconia (calcium carbonate crystals) dislodging from the utricle and falling into the semi-circular canals

- Typical symptoms: A spinning sense, lasting less than 60 seconds, triggered when rolling over in bed, looking up, and bending forwards.

- Treatment: Completely treatable – no one should ever live with BPPV/the crystals or trained Vestibular Physiotherapist

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